Who are they?

Austin Carlile - Vocals
Alan Ashby - Guitar
Valentino Arteaga - Drums
Phil Manasala – Guitar

Tastemaker publications like Alternative Press, Outburn and the UK's Big Cheese have put them on the cover.

Kerrang! placed singer Austin Carlile amongst the Top 25 living rock stars. Of Mice & Men continuously dominates the stage, whether they’re on the Vans Warped Tour, headlining, supporting veteran bands like As I Lay Dying or leading sing-alongs at festivals around the world. The group’s ampersand ("&") symbol is as ubiquitous as it is synonymous with the group's charismatic passion, unique creativity and pulsating energy.

"I hope that anyone that hears our band can walk away from the experience thinking, 'I've been through something similar. I know where they are coming from and listening to this music has helped me,'" Carlile explains. "Our music is heavy and angry, but we have learned that the sheer emotion of the things we write about have helped people get through hard times. We want to help people channel their emotions into something positive. That is 100 percent of the reason why this band is here. This is why I'm doing what I'm doing, to inspire. If you're not helping others, or at least contributing tosomeone's benefit, then I don't understand why you'd even be alive."

The unstoppable momentum that has fueled the young frontman since he left Attack Attack! and formed Of Mice & Men in Orange County, California has propelled the group's songs across two incredible records, each of them steeped in the life experiences of an intensely hard-working artist who has lived in at least eight states.

The band's screamo / metalcore-redefining self-titled debut laid the foundation for the album that was to follow, The Flood, which remerged in a brand new Deluxe Edition packed with four new tracks produced by Cameron Webb (30 Seconds To Mars, Flyleaf) and mixed by Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans).

Whether listeners are dealing with broken families or broken homes, trouble with the people around them or thoughts of suicide, Of Mice & Men put their hearts on their sleeves and throw down a mixture of aggressive anthems and melodic melodrama that creates an instant connection. The video for Carlile's tribute to his late mother, "Second and Sebring" (from the first album), has amassed over 3.2 million views on YouTube. Songs like "Still YDG'N" are messages to anyone who has ever felt the ground ripped from beneath their feet to stay planted and to stay strong.

The new tracks on the two-disc Deluxe Edition of The Flood -- "The Calm," "The Storm," "The Flood" and "The Death" - form their own conceptual EP. "The songs really tell a story," Carlile explains. "If you really pay attention to the lyrics, it takes the listener on a smalljourney."

Of Mice & Men’s obsessive attention to detail – which encompasses everything from the artwork to the band's constant interaction with their fans -- is precisely why the group has built such a strong connection with the audience. Their authenticity is palpable and their shared struggles relatable. "Everything, from the music to our performance, from the lyrics to the fact that we don't have backtracks, is real," emphasizes Carlile.

Why do we think that it is a good fit?

Because they live to share their passion for music with their fans – just like we do!

Songs we like most

Seven Thousand Miles For What
Let Live
Second & Sebring

What do Of Mice & Men have to say about Palmer products ?

„Palmer, the secret weapon for clarity and definition!”

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