Over 30 years of audio expertise and innovation


After starting out over 30 years ago, Palmer Germany has established itself on an international scale as one of the best known secrets of the music and audio industry. When local musicians need repairs by qualified technicians, customised modifications to their instruments and amplifiers or special "little helpers" that are not available from any other manufacturers, Palmer is their first port of call. By cooperating closely with people in the field, Palmer gained a valuable insight into what musicians and audio technicians really value — the best sound quality, reliable functionality and precision down to the very last detail. With this in mind, Palmer started producing the products that have helped to establish the Palmer brand in Germany and worldwide, and it is these products that are used by leading musicians and technicians in the studio and on stage.

In-house transformer production


Transformers are the heart and soul of many Palmer devices and are used for impedance conversion, balancing and the suppression of hum loops. In order to guarantee consistent and controlled audio quality, we develop and produce our own transformers — we never buy them in from third-party suppliers. The sophisticated design of high-quality Palmer transformers is based on our solid expertise and more than 30 years of hands-on experience in audio technology and amplifier production. Our custom-made transformer variants are adapted precisely to your specific application and function, and are carefully made by hand, one piece at a time. Each component is carefully selected. Here at Palmer, we only use low-loss core materials and super heat-resistant enamelled copper wires. Our transformers are sealed to protect them and magnetically shielded in order to prevent potential interference. It goes without saying that we carry out full quality checks following production.
Printed circuit boards and mounting options


As you would expect, the design process for a Palmer product includes carefully considering the PCB layout for optimum signal routing and integrity. The PCBs in our products are specially designed at our production site and the prototypes are tested to ensure faultless operation before the PCBs are included in the production process. The robust material used to manufacture our PCBs is heat-resistant and flame-retardant.

Our PCBs are mounted and soldered mainly by hand to produce a stable mechanical attachment and secure connection via the conductive traces. For all components, we aim to provide low tolerances in order to achieve high, consistent product quality. After having been mounted, all PCBs are thoroughly checked and harmonised.

Installing the electronics in the housing


We only use housings made from steel and cast aluminium for our devices because these materials are especially robust, they reliably protect the electronics in difficult stage setups and they offer the best shielding properties. A powder coating provides a durable and attractive exterior look. When installing the electronic components in the housing, we ensure that faultless operation is guaranteed for the long term, and that next to no damage can be caused by mechanical stress. Where necessary, the connector sockets, potentiometer and switches are tightly screwed into the housing and connected to the PCBs using floating wiring; all connecting cables are routed accurately and secured with heat-shrink tubing and cable ties. The electronics are installed in the same manner that you would expect for all other production steps at Palmer — carefully by hand for perfect processing.
Final assembly and packaging


Palmer products feature a sophisticated and precision-engineered electronic and mechanical design. A thorough function testing process is followed by the final assembly stage. At this point, all contacts and connections are visually inspected again, nuts and bolts are tightened and the device is cleaned for a flawless look.

The final quality checks are followed by the packing stage. We use sturdy, made-to-measure boxes so that all Palmer devices are safely protected on their way to our customers.
Tubular calibration and burning in


Tube amplifiers are still the best devices for guitars, and good-quality tubes are always being offered by various manufacturers. Nevertheless, the tolerances among these products can impair function and sound if you are using an amplifier with output valves in a push-pull arrangement (class AB). For this reason, at Palmer we use our own specially designed amplifier for burning in and assembling tube sets with the same characteristics (this process is called matching) under live conditions. The process of burning in stabilises the characteristics of end tubes and allow requirements for optimum arrangement to be established, meaning faulty tubes are discarded. The matching process ensures that the finished tubes offer the same output distribution and function, it extends their service life and prevents humming, which occurs with sets that have not been calibrated. 

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