Active 2-Channel DI Box
Active 2-Channel DI Box
Active 2-Channel DI Box
Active 2-Channel DI Box
Active 2-Channel DI Box
Active 2-Channel DI Box
Art.Nr.: PAN04A

PAN 04 A

Active 2-Channel DI Box

The Palmer PAN04A is 2-channel DI box for feeding asymmetrical and high impedance electric instrument signals into a mixing desk’s microphone inputs. It delivers a transformer balanced, low impedance signal to the outputs and eliminates mains hum and interference caused by ground loops. The active switch leaves the frequency response unaffected and achieves a high dynamic range. In addition to 6.35 mm direct outputs and -30 dB switchable input attenuation, the DI box also features a mono output that sums both channels. The PAN04A is designed to be exceptionally robust and is suitable for both stage and studio. It can be powered with 9 to 24 V DC mains adapters or phantom power when two outputs are connected to a mixer.

Product type:DI Boxen
Input connectors:6,3 mm Klinke
Max. input level:+ 45 dBu
Input impedance:1M Ohm(s)
THRU outputs/channel:1
Output connectors:6,3 mm Klinke, XLR
Max. output level:+ 11 dBu
Output impedance:200 Ohm(s)
Frequency response:10 - 40000 Hz
Transformer balanced:Ja
Ratio:1 : 1
Controls:Attenuation, Ground-Lift
Cabinet material:Stahlblech
Cabinet surface:pulverbeschichtet
Width:116 mm
Depth:110 mm
Height:45 mm
Weight:0,47 kg
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