Phantom Power Supply 2 Channel
Phantom Power Supply 2 Channel
Phantom Power Supply 2 Channel
Art.Nr.: PAN48

PAN 48

Phantom Power Supply 2 Channel

Palmer Pan 48 is a unit for the external power supply of phantom powered appliances. Due to the high current level of a maximum of 20mA, the application is not just limited to condenser microphones. PAN 48 is excellent for supplying phantom powered active DI-boxes. The box has two channels. Specifications: 2 channels, each channel: Microphone input: XLR/f Pin 2 & 3 +48VDC, Pin 1 Ground Output: XLR/m no DC voltage Ground lift switch Phantom power stabilized ±5%. Low ripple, low noise Max. current 20mA totally. LED control. Metal casing

Product type:Mikrofonzubehör
Type:48 V
Input connector:XLR (3-Pol)
Gender of input connector:Female
Output connector:XLR (3-Pol)
Gender of output connector:Male
Operating voltage:Fest verbundenes Netzkabel
Operating voltage:90 V AC - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
Controls:Netzschalter (On/Off), Umschalter
Width:120 mm
Height:115 mm
Depth:45 mm
Weight:0,68 kg
Accessories (included):Netzteil
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