Line Isolation Box 1 Channel
Line Isolation Box 1 Channel
Line Isolation Box 1 Channel
Line Isolation Box 1 Channel
Art.Nr.: PLI01

PLI 01

Line Isolation Box 1 Channel

Mono isolation transformer (line isolator), equipped with 1/4" TRS jack sockets at both ends for balanced and unbalanced signals. Especially suitable for eliminating ground loops that cause hum. Conversion from unbalanced to balanced is possible. A two-channel version can be found under product number PLI05. Single channel unit in a small rugged diecast box. Especially useful in guitar rack systems where multiple signal processors and preamplifiers are combined. Also eliminates noise in car hifi when used to isolate power boosters.

Product type:Line Isolators
Input connectors:6.3 mm jack
Input type:balanced/unbalanced (depending on TS/TRS connection)
Input impedance:10 k Ohm(s)
Max. input level:+6 dBu
Output connectors:6.3 mm jack
Output type:balanced/unbalanced (depending on TS/TRS connection)
Output impedance:10 k Ohm(s)
Max. output level:+6 dBu
Transformer balanced:yes
Frequency response:20 - 20,000 Hz
Cabinet material:die-cast aluminium
Cabinet surface:powder coated
Width:105 mm
Depth:35 mm
Height:35 mm
Weight:0.16 kg
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