Dual Channel Line Splitter
Dual Channel Line Splitter
Dual Channel Line Splitter
Dual Channel Line Splitter
Art.Nr.: PLS02

PLS 02

Dual Channel Line Splitter

Palmer line splitters are used when a signal source must be sent to multiple inputs. For example, when one mixer output is supposed to supply signals to multiple power amplifiers in different rooms. Thanks to the use of generously dimensioned audio frequency transformers, the sound is not influenced, but ground loop hum is prevented. The PLS02 can also be used to convert unbalanced signals into balanced signals and vice versa.

Product type:Splitter
Type:Line split
Split type:1 in 2 + 1
Input connectors:XLR
Max. input level:+ 20 dB
Number of split-outputs per canal:2
THRU outputs/channel:1
Max. output level:+ 20 dB
Output connectors:XLR
Transformer isolated outputs:Ja
Cabinet material:Aluminium Druckguss
Cabinet surface:pulverbeschichtet
Width:95 mm
Depth:120 mm
Height:55 mm
Weight:0,74 kg
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