Press Patch Box 10-channel
Press Patch Box 10-channel
Press Patch Box 10-channel
Press Patch Box 10-channel
Art.Nr.: PPB10


Press Patch Box 10-channel

The PPB10 is a compact version of the well known and established PPB20 from Palmer. The PPB10 is a 10 channel audio splitter for press conferences and other applications. On a transformer split basis, one line input is split out to ten outputs.

  • All inputs and outputs are balanced transformer isolated
  • Extremely reliable: Should one output be shorted, the other outputs remain unaffected
  • Line input and outputs
  • Adjustable input gain (-8 to +25dB)
  • Level meter
  • Headphone output to monitor the input level, headphone volume adjustable
  • Individual ground lift switches for each output
  • Ground Lift switch for the input
  • Expandable setup thanks to the Bus In/Out sockets - allowing you to cascade numerous PPB10 (or PPB20)

Product type:Splitters
Type:line split
Split type:1 in 10
Input connectors:XLR
Max. input level:+ 20 dB
Adjustable input:yes
Number of split-outputs per canal:10
THRU outputs/channel:1
Max. output level:+ 4 dB
Output connectors:XLR
Adjustable output:no
Transformer isolated outputs:yes
Controls:ground lift, input gain, phones level, Power
Operating voltage:integrated (115 / 230 V)
Cabinet material:sheet steel
Cabinet surface:powder coated
Width:48 mm
Depth:205 mm
Height:45 mm
Height:1 U
Weight:4.18 kg
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