Press Patch Box 20-channel
Press Patch Box 20-channel
Press Patch Box 20-channel
Press Patch Box 20-channel
Press Patch Box 20-channel
Press Patch Box 20-channel
Art.Nr.: PPB20


Press Patch Box 20-channel

A press patch box is a special audio signal splitter, which is developed for the specific requirements of a press conference. Via separate inputs, you can connect either a microphone or a line signal (mixer output).

Also available as a stereo version (PPB20S)

A high-quality input amplifier with balanced earth-free input allows for a level adjustment over a wide range. 20 transformer-balanced XLR/m jacks with individual driver circuits in pairs are available as outputs for video cameras or other sound recording devices.

The nominal output level is +4 dBu at 600 ohms. In addition, channels 19 and 20 are equipped with TRS phone jacks for balanced or unbalanced signals and with RCA sockets (-10 dBu nominal level).

If more than 20 outputs are required, further PPB20 units can be cascaded via a BUS IN/OUT socket on the rear panel. A 10-fold LED chain and an adjustable headphone amplifier are used for signal monitoring (display range -40 to +10 dB, 0 dB display corresponds to +4 dBu output).

The PPB20 has a built-in shielded power pack. An additional DC input allows for battery operation or using an emergency power supply. PW4 is a suitable emergency power supply for two PPB20.

Product type:Splitter
Type:Mic & Line Split
Split type:1 in 20
Input connectors:XLR
Max. input level:Mic: 0 dBu, Line: +20 dB
Adjustable input:Ja
Number of split-outputs per canal:20
Max. output level:+ 20 dB
Output connectors:6,3 mm Klinke, Cinch, XLR
Adjustable output:Nein
Transformer isolated outputs:Ja
Controls:Attenuator, Ground-Lift, Input Gain, Mic/Line Schalter, Phones Level
Indicators:Input Level, Power
Operating voltage:Integriert (115V/230V)
Cabinet material:Stahlblech
Cabinet surface:pulverbeschichtet
Width:480 mm
Width:19 "
Depth:200 mm
Height:135 mm
Height:3 U
Weight:9,09 kg
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