Media DI Box 2-channel for PC and laptop
Media DI Box 2-channel for PC and laptop
Media DI Box 2-channel for PC and laptop
Media DI Box 2-channel for PC and laptop
Art.Nr.: PLI04

PLI 04

Media DI Box 2-channel for PC and laptop

PRO MEDIA DI/ PLI-04. With the new PRO MEDIA DI/ PLI-04, Palmer introduces a DI-box, produced with the discerning needs of the computer-age media in mind. Using this uncomplicated method, personal computers and other consumer equipment with unbalanced outputs can be converted to balanced, in order to carry out, e.g., a presentation over a professional PA system. The PLI-04 accommodates all the common input types, TRS jacks accepting mono or stereo plugs, RCA phono sockets and a 3.5mm stereo jack input for use with the headphone output of a Laptop or similar device. The outputs are conventional transformer balanced XLR sockets, as used in professional PA systems, guaranteeing an electrically decoupled signal, a prerequisite to ensure noise-free operation. One other special feature which should not be forgotten! Although the PLI-04 is primarily a stereo unit, it can be switched to mono, with the two stereo signals summed and fed to both XLR outputs. The PLI-04 manifests a mechanically robust unit combined with outstanding technical specifications, adding to the list of high quality products that have come to be expected from Palmer.

Product type:Line Isolators
Input connectors:RCA, 3.5 mm TRS, 6.3 mm jack
Input type:unbalanced
Input impedance:(at 600 ohms load) 6 k Ohm(s)
Max. input level:+ 6 dBu
Output connectors:XLR
Output type:balanced
Output impedance:600 Ohm(s)
Max. output level:+ 6 dBu
Transformer balanced:yes
Ratio:3.16 : 1
Frequency response:20 - 20,000 Hz
Controls:mono/stereo, ground lift
Cabinet material:sheet steel
Cabinet surface:powder coated
Width:140 mm
Depth:95 mm
Height:35 mm
Weight:0.707 kg
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