Whether you play a complex pedalboard with many effects running on different voltages or just a small number of standard 9V center-negative stompboxes Palmer Power Supplies provide all-in-one convenience and a clean layout. Their isolated outputs are well filtered and regulated eliminating ground loops and noise while doing away with frequent battery changes, multiple wall warts and tangled cables.

For elaborate pedal arrangements the multi-power PWT12 is the ultimate choice with a wealth of features such as fused 9, 12 and 18V ouputs and polarity switching (see product description for details), the universal power block PWT05 is especially designed for smaller boards with up to five 9VDC effects. Saving valuable setup time Palmer Power Supplies provide reliable pedal performance and plug-and-play comfort – just connect the mains cord, your guitar and amp, and you're ready to wail!

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